Create a chat with yourself in WhatsApp or create a WhatsApp chat with another number without having to register it in your contacts.

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Note: If you access this page through the Smartphone, it will open the WhatsApp of the Smartphone. If you access this page from your computer, you will open the Whatsapp Desktop application if it is installed.

Why WhatsMySelf?

1) Create a chat with yourself. Why?

* You can use the chat with yourself to save a grocery list, those memes or gifs to share at the right time. etc.

* If you use the desktop version of WhatsApp, a conversation with yourself can be an easy and convenient way to send documents, photos and videos from your computer to your Smartphone.

* You can use this chat to test new WhatsApp features.

* You can use this chat to test an external share you want to make in WhatsApp before sending it to your friends or groups.

2) Create a conversation with a number that is not registered in your contacts. Why?

* Useful for ordering from multiple budgets for example. Then you enter only the number that interests you in your contacts.

* Another example would be in case you are in another city and want to order a pizza from WhatsApp. You probably will not need that number again, so there's no need to register it in your contacts.

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